NOND is a grassroots organization where for the past eleven years the members of the all-volunteer board of directors have worked to provide support for a growing community of nurses and students with disabilities. NOND has achieved some remarkable milestones in 2014.

Your Charitable DONATION HAS Made the Difference!

NOND partnered with the US Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) to present a national policy roundtable event in March 2014 in Washington, DC. This policy roundtable was the result of the NOND Alliance with ODEP. Other sponsors included the US Department of Labor Education & Training Administration (ETA) and the US Department of Health and Human Services Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA). National nursing organizations, nurse educators, employers and numerous Federal government agency representatives participated and discussed how to reduce barriers for people with disabilities who want to become nurses or other allied healthcare professionals, reduce challenges students with disabilities face while enrolled in educational programs, and assist nurses who become disabled after licensure who want to remain in the workforce or return to work.

As a result of the NOND-ODEP policy roundtable, NOND has accomplished the following:

    NOND makes a difference with your support!

    In addition, NOND Directors continue to:

      People with disabilities and chronic conditions Make a Difference

      In 2015, NOND Directors will continue to move forward with NOND’s mission of providing education and advocacy to ensure full inclusion of people with disabilities and chronic health conditions to reach and maintain their career goals.

      Now more than ever
      , as the demands on NOND’s resources continue to grow, NOND needs your financial assistance to continue our exciting work of opening doors for qualified people with disabilities in nursing education, their practice and in the workforce.

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      National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities
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      On behalf of the NOND Board of Directors, we wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy Healthy 2015!

      Board of Directors:

      Karen McCulloh-IL, BS, RN – IL, Co-Director
      Beth Marks, PhD, RN – IL, Co-Director, Immediate Past President
      Parul Arora, BSN, RN – IL, Treasurer
      Rosemary Ciotti, MSN, RN, CRNP – VA, Advocate
      George Hamilton III, MPA – OR, Social Media
      Michelle Kephart, MSN RN, – GA, Secretary