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Parul Arora, RN, BSN
Board Director

I am a new graduate RN, and think nurses with disabilities make the profession of nursing diverse and dynamic. I believe when there is "a will there is a way.” NOND provides educational and advocacy opportunities for nursing students and professionals. This organization helped me during a very difficult time, and I was able to connect with a community of people who had similar experiences, and shared my personal interests. Through this connection, I was able to get the support and professional guidance I needed.  We are very passionate about the work we do and what we want to accomplish.
Rosemary Ciotti
Rosemary Ciatti, RN, MSN, CRNP
Program Committee, Chair of Advocacy

Rosemary has been a Board Director with NOND for over six years. NOND's mission allows me a venue to assist our profession to be stronger and more vibrant. We have nurses with decades of valuable experience who have left nursing because the definition of a nurse has continued to be rigid, limiting, and unimaginative and unable to support nurses as they age, develop disabilities, or chronic illness. Being involved with NOND allows me the opportunity to be part of a constituency to educate, inform and advocate for nurses with different abilities.
George Hamilton
George Hamilton III, MPA, GNRC
Board Director, Social Media

George Hamilton has been a NOND Director for the past four years.
As a wheelchair user, I'm very well acquainted with access issues and have worked with our university to improve access campus wide. NOND advocates for creating ways to open nursing education to students with disabilities. I bring to NOND a strong background in adaptive technology that has afforded me the opportunity to assist and provide a number of unique accommodations for students at all levels. For me, it is not a matter of disability; it is a matter of ability. Ability is a matter of finding different ways of doing things.
Bridgette Jenkins, RN, BSN, MSN
Advisory Board

Bridgette Jenkins is a new Director on NOND. Bridgette believes that individuals with disabilities can function and work safely in the nursing profession. NOND mission will allow me a venue to assist our profession to be more accepting and accommodating to individuals with disabilities desiring to be a nurse. NOND will also provide a platform to support the nurse with a disability.
Michelle Kephart
Michelle Kephart, RN, MSN
Board Director

Michelle Kephart is a new Director on NOND. It takes a lot of courage for anyone to pursue the career of their dreams, and even more courage if you are faced with unnecessary attitudinal barriers. My own path through nursing school would not have been possible without people who supported my right to pursue my dreams and determine my own future. As a part of NOND, I hope to give the same support to other capable, compassionate people who dream of becoming and remaining nurses. The courage and life experience inherent in nurses with disabilities will only strengthen core nursing values that are so important to the foundation of the nursing profession.
Erika Magallenes
Erika Magallanes, MS
Volunteer Business Manager

Erika is NOND's Business Manager. This includes contracts, MOU’s, purchase orders, allocation of funds and monitoring budgets.
Beth Marks
Beth Marks, RN, PhD
NOND Immediate Past President, Executive Committee Member, Website Committee Chair

Beth Marks is the current NOND Board President and has been a Board of Director for the past five years. NOND plays a critical role in transforming the lives of people with disabilities. As health professionals, we are often the first people to interact with people who have disabilities and their families. Our attitudes and behaviors profoundly impact how people with disabilities view themselves and envision their futures. Only when we, as health professionals, see people with disabilities as our colleagues and not only as our clients and patients, will we create a more inclusive health care environment for all.
Karen McCulloh
Karen Jane McCulloh, RN, BS
Executive Committee Member, Board Nominating/Development Committee Chair
Presidential Appointee to the U.S. AbilityOne Commission
Specialization in employment and workforce development

Karen McCulloh is a founding member of NOND.
My interest in helping to establish the National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities in 2003 was that I believed very strongly that it was time for nurses with disabilities to LEAD instead of having other people speak on our behalf or debate our worth. When I became disabled, I was met with intense negative responses beginning with VR, by many non-disabled nurses, by university nursing faculty members and employers when I shared that I was an RN. The question was always asked of me, “How can you be a nurse if you can’t see?” I dreamed of having a place where I could fit in where my disabilities were accepted and my abilities were acknowledged by my colleagues. I believed that regardless of disability, I had an amazing amount of skills that would be lost if I did not take a stand. I took that stand through NOND.
Jasmina Sisirak
Jasmina Sisirak, PhD, MPH
Volunteer Website Developer and Reviewer

Jasmina Sisirak is an Associate Director for the HealthMatters CAP Project. Her research interests are community health promotion, nutrition, and health education for people with I/DD. She has co-authored
HealthMatters books on health promotion and people with I/DD.
Leenie Quinn
Board Director