The Sea Glass Group

The Sea Glass Group
Expanding the Boundaries of Professional Search

Specializing in the Recruitment of College and Advanced Degreed Professionals with Evident and Non-Evident Disabilities

What is The Sea Glass Group?
The Sea Glass Group is a privately held professional search firm headquartered in Chicago, IL and serving corporate clients across the country. We specialize in the sourcing and recruitment of college and advanced degreed professionals with evident and non-evident disabilities for corporate clients. Our placements range from executive, management, and experienced professional, to career building leadership positions for recent college graduates.

Open Job Opportunities
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Candidate Criteria, Sourcing and Recruiting – Building the Pipeline
  • Our sourcing and recruiting efforts focus on finding top talent across multiple academic and professional fields and disciplines. We develop strategic networks that allow us to build and sustain a proprietary portfolio of qualified candidates.
  • All candidates have a minimum four-year college degree, including majors in fields such as finance, engineering, computer science, business management, accounting, nursing, marketing and communications.
  • Many candidates have advanced degrees including MBA, JD, Masters, MD, and PhD.
  • We source and recruit Veterans with disabilities through Wounded Warrior and other Veteran employment events.
  • We personally interview and qualify every potential candidate. Once we are confident their credentials meet our expectations and requirements they become part of our candidate pipeline.

Corporate Client Profile and the Strategic Partnership
  • Our business model is that of the traditional search firm in that we contract with our corporate clients who pay our fee. Candidates pay no fee.
  • The Sea Glass Group is a contingency-based firm that contracts with corporate clients who are committed to hiring and retaining professionals with evident and non-evident disabilities across all levels of their organizations.
  • Our corporate clients are cross industry and cross discipline, which reflects the wide variety of degrees and experience of the candidates we recruit.
  • We work closely with key decision makers within each organization, allowing us gain a clear understanding of the business and internal culture so that the best candidates are brought forward.

More Information About The Sea Glass Group
  • Potential candidates can submit their resumes online at Click on the Resume Submission tab under the Candidate tab.
  • For more information, please contact us the email addresses below:

Melissa Reishus Barbara L. Davidson
847-732-5841 412-848-6788