Sarah Hein: Nursing Student Making a Difference

Sarah Hein is a nursing student at University of Detroit Mercy. She is in the accelerated BSN/RN program (second degree option). Sarah has a severe to profound bilateral hearing loss and wears hearing aids. She is oral and knows sign language. 

Over the years she has confronted many barriers in gaining access to nursing school. She says she “had people telling me that I could not go into medicine because it would be ‘too hard’ with my hearing loss.” She chose not to listen and is now in nursing school. Sarah reports “the latest barrier I am working on is the phone at the hospital. I have been doing my research and talking to nurses about coming up with solutions since my understanding is not great with the phone. There are options such as text to talk. I am very confident I will find something that will work for my needs.” 

In her current role as a nursing student she is using an amplified stethoscope that allows her to hear the body sounds. She her own advocate and is “speaking up” when she cannot hear. She says she is a “very visual person and I look for the color changes in the bed alarms and IV poles. It is all about adapting and finding solutions that work.” These are solutions that can benefit all nurses and enhance patient care.