Resources for Nurses with Disabilities, Nursing Students with Disabilities, & Nurse Educators / Administrators

NOND was founded in Chicago, Illinois on April 10, 2003 during the Rush University College of Nursing Symposium on Students with Disabilities: Nursing Education and Practice. The Resource Directory was initially created as a request from Rush Symposium participants at the end of the conference in 2003.

Following the symposium the Regional and National Internet Resource Clearinghouse (IRC) Project was funded by The Chicago Community Trust was created to develop the necessary resources to develop strategies that will begin to address the need to accept and accommodate people with disabilities as nursing students as well as sustaining the contributions of professional nurses encountering disabilities later in their careers.

Please note that resources and contact information may change. However, the list is updated periodically to ensure accurate and current data. NOND has attempted to categorically include resources for nurse educators, nursing students with disabilities, nurses with disabilities, and nurse employers. We have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible and make every effort to update the list regularly, as well as add other resources that are brought to our attention.
We have been in the process of upgrading our site and have discovered broken links in the Resources Pages. As an all volunteer organization, we are actively working on getting the links fixed. If you want to find something ASAP, please contact us with a specific request. Thank you for visiting and your interest!


Regional and National Internet Resources

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