Employment Opportunities

If you know of know of any employment opportunities for nurses with disabilities that you would like to post on our website, please submit your information to Beth Marks.

Employers Making a Difference for Nurses with Disabilities

  • Genesis Healthcare

    One nurse’s story: I am currently working for Genesis Healthcare, initially as a per diem Manager of Clinical Operations for the state of Maine, now in Clinical Reimbursement for their Center in Westbrook, Maine. I was released from work vocational rehabilitation from my previous employer, as they stated they could not accomodate my condition, a work related injury acquired while working for them. I have bilateral chronic tendinitis in both forearms, with nerve involvement. When interviewing for Genesis, with their Regional Vice President, I was up front about my injury and restrictions. They welcomed me with open arms, and have been able to meet my needs in every way, including my new position. They are willing to adjust my job description to my physical limitations, and even have invested in ergonomic equipment. They see nurses as more than physical, and value our other many strengths as professionals. We have facilities throughout the east coast, and I would greatly encourage nurses with disabilities to apply for positions that suit their needs. The company is progressive and open minded, and greatly supports their staff in every way.

Job Listings for Nurses with Disabilities

If you know of other employers making a difference for nurses with disabilities, please let us know.