Strategic Action Plan
Approved April 24, 2008

Through intensive strategic planning, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of NOND proposes a revised vision for the organization. Additionally, as an outcome of this same strategic process, the group proposes a revised and expanded mission statement for the organization that reflects who the organization is, what the organization does, and the core values in which the organization is based.

The following is that proposed mission statement:

NOND is an open membership, cross-disability, professional organization that works to promote equity for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions in nursing through education and advocacy by:
  • promoting best practices in education and employment;
  • providing resources to individuals, nursing and disability organizations, and educational and healthcare institutions;
  • influencing the provision of culturally responsive nursing practice; and
  • creating systemic improvements.

NOND values the:
  • experiences, cultures, abilities, and rights of people with disabilities;
  • history, practice, and service of the nursing profession;
  • empowerment of people with disabilities within nursing; and
  • enhancement of the nursing profession.

Goal Identification & Strategic Action Plans
In support of this clarified vision and mission, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of NOND identified several strategic goals pertinent to the organizations future health, stability, growth, and vitality. Those goals–presented in no particular order–include, but are not limited to:

* NOND has Stable funding sources
* NOND has Grants that support NOND’s sustainability
* NOND has a strategic action plan for the immediate (two year) future
* NOND has paid staff (higher exec. director)
* NOND has membership growth
* NOND has resource materials - publications and products
* NOND is the definitive resource for professional development in disability and nursing
* NOND has proactive and positive outreach
* NOND has a responsive dynamic system for data collection
* NOND has a plan of action (immediate)
* NOND has respected roles in accreditation, licensing and certification
* NOND has a responsive, sustainable, dynamic infrastructure
* NOND has developed strategic partnerships/collaborations
* NOND assures equity of entry into nursing education for people with disabilities
* NOND assures that nursing viewed as a viable option for people with disabilities
* NOND assures that nursing is a continuing option for nurses with disabilities or for those who become disabled.

Of these identified goals, the Executive Committee concluded that while each is crucial and worthy for the organization, three of the goals are most fundamental. The Executive Committee recognizes the need to secure the fundamental aspects of organizational health that will in turn provide the foundation on which the remaining goals can be effectively addressed.

Those three most fundamental goals were cemented as:

Goal 1:
NOND has a strategic short-term action plan that serves to outline the most immediate goals, objectives and activities necessary to secure NOND’s viability as an organization (this document is intended to serve as the initial fulfillment of Goal 1).

Goal 2:
NOND has stable, sustainable, and adequate fiscal resources.

Goal 3:
NOND has stable, sustainable, and adequate infrastructural resources.

Recognizing that Goals 2 and 3 are not sequential or mutually exclusive, nor is one of higher import that the other, the following is the strategic short-term action plan to fulfill the objectives and activities necessary to support the organizational attainment of goals 2 and 3.